Reverand Hale a Changed Man

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Reverand Hale a changed man

“We shall need hard study if it comes to tracking down the Old Boy.” As Reverend Hale spoke these words he became a dynamic character in The Crucible. He was an intellectual, confident man, who became a desperate minister in the end. The three strongest characteristics of Reverend Hale’s change are his self-confidence, his reliance on knowledge, and his desire to save people. “I came into this village like a bridegroom to his beloved, baring gift of high religion; the very crowns of holy law I brought, and what I touched with my bright confidence it died.” When Reverend Hale spoke to Elizabeth, he explained to her the confidence he had in himself. He felt he’d give good knowledge about god and religion, to the civilians in Salem. However, in the end, the chaos and events that occurred caused him to contradict himself.

Theology is the study of religion. Hale relies on his knowledge of god and religion to help relay the information to others Hale said “Theology, sir, is a fortress, No crack in a fortress may be accounted small.” Hale meant that his knowledge on religion must be perfect or it is meaningless. He believes in what he knows and is always willing to learn even more. Reverend Hale asks the court enraged “Is every defense an attack upon the court?” He is trying to defend the accused but the court refuses to listen. At the end of the play he tells John Procter to sign the confession. In tell him this he is saying to value his life and ruin his good name. The reason he is telling him this is because all the other lives have been lost and he feels that it is partly his fault. Reverend Hale changes mostly towards the end of the play when he realizes that Abigail is a fake. A person could tell he had changed when he was telling John to sign the confession that shows how desperate he is to save lives and end the all the chaos in Salem.
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