S4S Autohub

Topics: Automotive industry, Automobile, Automobile repair shop Pages: 11 (3036 words) Published: May 20, 2013
S4S Autohub

A Capstone Project
Presented to Professor Julius Blas
in the
College of Multimedia Arts and Sciences
Mapua Institute of Technology
Intramuros, Manila
in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of BS Multimedia Arts and Sciences

Christian Kevin Castro
Keith Dumaguina
Richard Dean Gonzales
Chapter I


This S4S Autohub business idea is one of those recession-proof opportunities that can put you on easy street. When the financial system heats up and inflation increases the cost of living, people become do-it-yourself conscious, looking for ways to save money. Whenever the economy falters, people again are searching for methods of saving money and making what they already own last longer.

The marketing principles outlined within this report emphasize the money-making potential of an independent automobile shop in any part of the Philippines. Specialization, this is the secret of success in this kind of business. No longer do auto owners expect their neighborhood service station to keep their cars accessorize and running smoothly, S4S Autohub can do the work.

S4S Autohub is one of the country’s prime Auto accessories shop because of its specialization in accessorizing cars and modifying car parts. S4S Autohub is also an expert when it comes in their workforce team, because the team consists of knowledgeable and professionals in all of their products. They have been modifying, accessorizing and running since February of 2010 and they were admired in accessorizing car industry. It was created so that their customer could enjoy their experience and to provide the customer’s entire car’s needs.

Demand are undeniably increasing fast of S4S Autohub’s latest car accessories, it has expended the franchising, retailing and operations by offering distributorship for all of their products.

S4S Autohub is also expanding not only with their car accessories distribution but also with the security equipment, kitchen equipment, office equipment, garments, corporate giveaways and other general merchandise.

In this study the main goal is to advertise the autohub. It lacks when it comes to advertising which makes it less appealing. The customer will be more attracted and entertained with its new look and visual presentations of the autohub. To be able to achieve this goal, the preparation will not be taken for granted. A wide research will be made and studies of design and concepts will be clear and understandable.

We will be having an comparison analysis and brainstorming to make this study possible. Every feature of the advertising will be studied from autohub’s car accessories, logo and graphics. And lastly, cooperation and teamwork and positive vibes should be possessed by the group for the success of this study.

Statement of the problem
How can S4S Autohub make great appearances when it comes in advertising? How can S4S Autohub maximize their shop space for the customers? How can the new advertising create an understandable, approachable and appearing or catchy advertisement to attract more customers to increase sales?

Objective of the study
To create a noise/attraction with their new advertising campaign To organize the maximum space of the shop, this will make a comfortable zone for the customers. To have a link between the customers and the car accessories shop through advertisement materials.

Significance of the Study
This study will be significant to the following;
a. Multimedia Arts Students – It will help them to learn new knowledge, appreciation and understanding Visual Ads and merchandising. This study will serve as their reference for future use. b. S4S Autohub – They can use as reference and help gain new ideas. c. Multimedia Practitioners – It may guide and use it as a reference.

Car owners; It will market all range of ages starting 16 yrs old, mostly college students, business man, racers with...
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