Sand making machine equipment development trend in mining machinery.

Topics: Technology, Control theory, Innovation Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: October 8, 2013
Sand making machine development trend in mining machinery. Recently, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. produces new type sand making machine based on traditional sand making machine, and it has many benefits including simplification, high productivity, perfect supporting equipment and high automation. As for future sand maker equipment, it will combine with industrial automatic tendency to stimulate the overall promotion of mining machinery equipment. For example, high intelligent control system, encoder and digital control assembly, dynamic load control system and other new intelligent equipment which all have been put use into sand making machine so as to make sure easier operation, high flexibility and independence, high efficiency and compatibility . Liking other industries,Sand making industry also has the phenomenon of different quality.It is a challenge for technological innovation in sand making machine industry,the machine’s technology industry shows new signs, and innovation technology of heavy industry also has high effective.Recently, with the development of economic, and the construction of water conservancy dams, highway and high-speed rail, the sand making and gravel industry has made great progress. The sand making machines industry in China develops like a raging fire from the mainland to the frontier. Sand making machine is rich in resources, environmental protection and sustainable development .Recent years,depending on the rich Yifan Machinery sand making experience in the country,we have installed several sets of domestic advanced dry green artificial sand making production line,while dozens of industry experts to build sand making using technology exchange platform to help mixing station address the use of a number of problems on the promotion of artificial sand making make full of our use.
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