Satan as a Renaissance character

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Satan as renaissance character
Paradise Lost under the influence of renaissance.

Milton is the son both of the Renaissance and Reformation. Renaissance begins with the ancient Greek literature. Renaissance means rebirth of an interest in classical Greek literature. Renaissance revived man’s interest in the world and gave him new eyes to look upon the beauty, love, life, learning and liberty. The earlier world was Theo-centric, means the God or Church was at the centre. Each and everything was dominated by Church. Man has had to what Church wanted him to do. Such was the condition of middle age (before renaissance). It is in 15th and 16th centuries that the English poets started reading the classical Greek literature, and the basic theme in that literature was Humanism i.e. the other name of Renaissance. And in renaissance the world became Homo-centric.

- There are basically three chief features of Renaissance or Classicism-

1. Individualism – means the individual is important, man is important. Man is the centre of each and everything. Human values, emotions, feelings, desires, are important. They should be fulfilled. 2. Worldliness – means the things of this world, attractions of the world, like- beauty, revenge, love, power, wealth. Means this world should not be neglected. 3. Strong determination / Strength of mind – means that the mind plays a role like queen of chess in our life. It is our strength of mind or our attitude that can make a hell of heaven or a heaven of hell.

# Satan-a renaissance character-
All these features of classicism are clearly visible in Satan also. The ideology of Individualism or Humanism comes from the classical Greek literature. It talks about that man should be free, liberal. He shouldn’t be under the supervision of anybody whether it is any person or God. This is what happened during the period of renaissance. Society or man challenged the authority of church. And this kind of...
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