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A Summary of The Nature of Philosophical Inquiry
A Summary of Robert Johann’s “The Nature of Philosophical Inquiry” Philosophy has made progress through the development of specialized methods that fragment the knowledge that philosophy eternally seeks. Johann seeks to elaborate on the nature of philosophical inquiry through the method of Pragmatism, more specifically Ontological Pragmatism. This method will measure the truth of philosophical inquiry through what it leads to in experience or practice. Inquiry can be either scientific or philosophical, depending on what it questions. Scientific inquiry questions the world outside man, while philosophical questions the world inside man. Philosophical inquiry, though implicitly stated, can be summed up to this statement: It is the transcendence of common knowledge through the entire involvement of the other through discourse and sharing of common experiences with the hope of giving birth to new knowledge through shared reflection. What is meant by this is simple, philosophical inquiry involves another person in order for it to occur. There must be a tension between one and another, a question must be asked regarding the common knowledge that in which is comfortable to one or the other. Logic, Phenomenology, and Meta-Pragmatics are the three modes of Philosophical Inquiry given by Johann. Logic deals with the rational and sensible organization of experiences. Phenomenology is the process of making these rational and sensible organizations of experience practical and applicable to daily life. Logic must contain phenomenological adequacy so as it to be pragmatic. Lastly, meta-pragmatics is making this phenomenological adequacy useful to man and his community. It is transcending the sphere of knowledge that has been set by society. In short, philosophical inquiry starts in oneself, when he chooses to be part of another. Inquiry then proceeds with the occurrence of having something in common, the heart of it will be...
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