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L: hello, everyone, here is China Educational Television, welcome to the program! As we all know, education is always an important part of our whole life. The prosperity of a nation, any development in science and technology all depend on the development of education. H: Generally speaking, it is necessary for all kinds of people to receive education. American school education and Chinese school education are different. One called “enlightened education” and the other called “cramming education”. Today, we are going to analyze the comparison between Chinese education and western education deeply. L: let me show you the outline of our program…..then let’s start our program. H: Okay. Here I have some sentences that I want to share with you……How do you think of it? L: well, I find that Chinese education maybe concentrate on the knowledge while western education focuses on the ability. H: Chinese education emphasizes the consolidation, inculcation and the proficiency of knowledge. Western education emphasizes on creating students' ability. L: That’s our first comparison. The different goals of school education…… H: Since we have found the goals are different. We need to find the basic reason why they are different. Let’s have a look at education system. L: In China, the school education system may is a pattern named “cramming system”. It is a pattern which only to stubbornly transfer the knowledge to the students without asking the students if they want to learn and are they learning happily. The cramming system is dull. More importantly, students may not completely understand what the teacher says. Day after day, students always lose the interest to learn. H: It always happened around us. One student loses the interest to learn and then he or she will get bad grade. Things are differently in western country. In fact, people all have curiosity. And the “enlightened education” does its best to arouse the curiosity. It not only makes people have interests in...
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