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Topics: Philosophy, Learning, Problem solving Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: February 22, 2014
 My Three Passions

In this modern world most of the people do not satisfy there day to day life. They don't know how to build there future life because they do not realize there passions. So I realize family, studies and religion are my passions that really guide me.

There is a secret behind every persons success but my family is my secret of success because there guidance, motive and support. Without proper guidance nobody can succeed in their life. When I go throw the wrong way my family members advised me and guided through the correct way to success. Everyone need proper guidance from there childhood to achieve there goals and succeed in there life. Without support it's difficult success in life. When I was studying high school I couldn't continue my studies because of my financial situation. At that time my brother gave financial support to complete my high school. Motivation gives good confident. When my every success they motive me through encouraging. There motivation gives me hope and confident to drive my life. So family is my secret of success.

In this competitive world studies give better education skills and knowledge to make better future. Education skill is undetroyable wealth in the world. To run my day to day life job is most important. So better education skills give better jobs. Knowledge and experience makes our life easier. Computer knowledge is most important because it makes our works easier. Now days through the internet we can do many things such as banking activities, document transfers and get information so computer knowledge makes our life easier. In this world everyone's expectations is better future. Knowledge and education skills give better future. It gives good ideas and better jobs to make better future.

Religion is my first passion it gives me ethical, obedient and peace. In this modern world most of the unethical things surround us. We need protection from these un ethical...
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