Science and Technology

Topics: Science, Human, Religion Pages: 4 (1292 words) Published: April 5, 2013
There exist all sorts of challenges to excite the keenest minds in our vicinity and in our surroundings. To meet these challenges one would have to. Devise new techniques, new instruments and new approaches, which could easily open a window into the hitherto unknown areas of nature, and lead us to work at the frontiers of science and contribute to the world pool of knowledge. It is extremely important for the developing nations of the world to understand that all problems at the frontiers of science are not necessarily those dictated by fashions set elsewhere in the world. The vital aspect relating to the establishment of sciences is a living vital force in society itself, making it truly secular and classless. With an advent of an upward spiraling nuclear armament race, many scientists all over the world began to realise that they should concern themselves with the fate of mankind in the atomic age.

As a result of this realization, several scientific associations began to play an active role in trying to establish an important and effective channel of communication between scientists of different nations, particularly between scientists from the great power blocs of the east and west Individual scientists, well- known and otherwise, have in response to their conscience, come out and taken a stand on questions relating to science and society.

But the PUG-WASH movement born out of the awareness that mankind might have to face a nuclear holocaust, was the first international group of scientists to come together, in answer to their social conscience - not just to warn society but to strive for co-operation, for betterment of international understanding and relations, for disarmament and to ensure that the type of understanding that led to the growth of science might be fostered for other endeavors, vital to human survival, for the creation of a secure world in which the beneficial application of science can be fully developed.

It is agreed that we must make...
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