Science and Technology,

Topics: Science, Technology, Scientific method Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: April 1, 2011
Science and technology are not related to each other but the two may develop separately without one influencing the other. They became one just recently because of the applications they project today, supporting each other that they are interpreted as one and the same. Since science is the body of knowledge that has been produced through and validated by systematic processes of inquiry which seek to describe, understand, and predict natural phenomena. Because of science, technology progresses that lets people apply to the task of living in their surroundings. The knowledge is then utilized by the society through the discoveries of inventors and scientists through research and experiments. One example is in cold weather, people were able to develop heater and vice versa.

Without Science, technology would slowly improve through time without the help of science. They work together and support each other for the society’s development. Society then uses the technology that was produced from the collection of data in the researches that were done. Without Society, Science wouldn’t grow as to what we have now where in discoveries have been made and the innovation of our gadgets. Hence, technology wouldn’t prosper if science doesn’t improve. Technology, which is applied to the everyday life of a person, depends on science that is produced by the society. Without the Society that is producing principles and theories of science through experiments like physics, chemistry and mathematics, technology would cease to exist.

One example is the iphone that we have today. Before, there were no touch screen phones that were developed by engineers based on the knowledge and principles of the contributors that we had centuries ago such as Einstein and Newton. Wherein modernization of phones that started from the old models wherein you are wired to your home or a certain place but now we have wireless communications that were brought about by science and technology with the work...
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