Science and Technology: How They Improved Our Human Life

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Science and Technology: How They Improved Our Human Life

Mary Grace Valencia Macatangay
IV-B Student

Don Julio Leviste Memorial Vocational H’s
Bliss, San Andres, Malvar, Batangas


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Jill Rosette M.Subia
John Rhey M. Valencia
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I am ever grateful to the MAGNIFICENT CREATOR who bestowed knowledge to all. I wish to acknowledge my debt and express my gratitude to;

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To my Family, who supports me to accomplish my work piece and carryover the responsibilities that is expected to me on the 4th grading period. Which regarded as one of the major requirements of being a graduating student.

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To those who are close to my heart, my true and faithful friends who in one way or another supports me in doing this work piece.

To Mrs. Margie T. Dimaano thank you for the guide that u teach us, by that you inspired me to push and accomplish my work piece.
And also, To ALMIGHTY GOD who give me strength, wisdom, and courage to face all the challenges and criticisms.


Science and technology have greatly improved the quality of human life and have raised the standard of living to a record high. For centuries, Science has produced dazzling technical achievements: The unleashing od energy locked up in atoms, the conquest of space, the miraid micro-electronics, computers, industrial robots, and communication satelites. Scientist have discovered new ways of treating cancers and have saved lives through scientific intruments and equipments.

Scientific findings have given them awesome power to invent thongs and discover the secrets of the world of nature through science and technology. The latest gadgets and equipments they have invented: We have smart phones, laptops, android phones and so much more. And for a better communications all over the world they have invented broad bands and packet internet.

Through Science and Technology they allowed people to drive cars, communicate instantly across the globe and even reach out into space. Science and Technology affects modern life in nearly every aspect. While some developments are seen as far more positive than others, each has their own impact on our lives.

A. What is Science and Technology?
Science is a knowledged gained by systematic experimentations and analysis, and information of general principles. Technology is the application of mechanical and applied science to industrial use. Technology is the application of all sciences. Science and technology studies (STS) is a growing field of study in the United States and around the world that seeks to understand how science and technology shape human lives and livelihoods and how society and culture, in turn, shape the development of science and technology. From the automobile to the internet, and from cloning to the Earth’s climate, modern life is intimately entwined with advances in science and technology. Every social issue, from AIDS and economic growth to arms control and crime, entails important scientific and technological aspects. By focusing scholarly attention on science and technology as human institutions, situated in wider historical, social, and political contexts, STS provides insights into the relationship between science and technology and such basic categories of social thought as race and gender, poverty and...

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