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Customer service is the service provided to customers before, during and after purchasing and using goods and services. Good customer service provides an experience that meets customer expectations. It produces satisfied customers. Bad customer service can generate complaints. It can result in lost sales, because consumers might take their business to a competitor. Good customer service involves developing bonds with customers, hopefully leading to long term relationships. It creates advantages for both customers and the business alike. Customers benefit because the business is providing a service that meets their needs. The business benefits because satisfied customers are likely to be repeat customers. They will stay with the business. However, good customer service is not easily achieved. It takes time to establish. It requires investment to deliver consistent standards.

The aim of the project was to conduct a survey and analyse the stand of Ashok Leyland products in the local market of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh and its territories which include Katni,, Sagar, Damoh, Jabalpur etc. In the survey conducted, every potential customer including those who already owned the company’s product has been visited individually. The people were asked to fill a form prepared by us and answer a set of questions to get the maximum information from them. Further, based on the inputs, the data was compared with the various competitors of the company. Comparison includes various parameters which were helpful in deciding the strong and weak areas of the companies and also in the identification of the region where the position of the company is strong.

Customer service is the service provided in support of the company’s core products. Good customer service is the lifeblood of any organization. It generates barriers to competition, customer loyalty and makes the company’s activities more efficient.


Primary Objectives:-

1. To identify the effectiveness of the various before and after-sales services provided by Anil Ashok Leyland.

2. To study the role of multifarious services in moulding the customer attitude towards heavy commercial vehicles of the organization.

3. To analyse the level of services provided by Anil Ashok Leyland in comparison to other competitive firms.

Secondary Objectives:-

4. In addition to the above stated objectives, an insight into the following fields was also an important aspect of the study. These include: identifying trade fair as an important promotional tool and understanding the ways of dealing with various customer problems.

Indian Automotive Industry

The Indian automotive industry has emerged as a 'sunrise sector' in the Indian economy. India is emerging as one of the world's fastest growing passenger car markets and second largest two wheeler manufacturer. It is also home for the largest motor cycle manufacturer and fifth largest commercial vehicle manufacturer. India is emerging as an export hub for sports utility vehicles (SUVs). The global automobile majors are looking to leverage India's cost-competitive manufacturing practices and are assessing opportunities to export SUVs to Europe, South Africa and Southeast Asia. India can emerge as a supply hub to feed the world demand for SUVs. India also has the largest base to export compact cars to Europe. Moreover, hybrid and electronic vehicles are new developments on the automobile canvas and India is one of the key markets for them. Global and Indian manufacturers are focussing their efforts to develop innovative products, technologies and supply chains. The automotive plants of global automakers in India rank among the top across the world in terms of their productivity and quality. Top auto multinational companies (MNCs) like Hyundai, Toyota and Suzuki rank their Indian production facilities right on top of...
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