Short Essay: Pre- Socratic Philosopher- Pythagoras

Topics: Philosophy, Pythagorean theorem, Pythagoras Pages: 3 (704 words) Published: January 24, 2014
Short Essay: Pre- Socratic Philosopher- Pythagoras

Pre-Socratic philosophers are Greek thinkers of the 5th and 6th century who first explored the world and the position man hold in it. They were attributed as the first scientists and philosophers of the Western tradition. The Pre-Socratic philosophers made tremendous developments in philosophy, art, and science. Besides, they explored the nature in a rational way, making educated guesses about how the universe, the earth, and what is contained in it came into existence. This discourse examines Pythagoras, as one of Pre-Socratic philosophers. He is a personality who was more interested in mathematics rather than philosophy. His mathematical concept is still used presently. To this end, it is correct to assert that Pythagoras remains an important philosopher to date. A Summary of the Pythagoras Ideas

The principal ideas of Pythagoras concerns numbers, a concept that has been handed down to other generations that have evolved since his time. His believe was that the entire universe comprised figures and could only be explained through numbers. According to him, numbers formed the principle in the universe and were used to limit or give shape to matter. His argument maintained that all that is contained in the universe was numbers since they could be quantified. He believed that if something could be counted, then it qualified to be called a thing irrespective of whether it was physical or not. According to him, there exists an intimate relationship between things and numbers. Thus, the participation of things in the universe was termed as orderly and harmonic. This view of Pythagoras led to the inception of the concept that fundamental reality was accessible, external, and unchanging only to reason. The idea of numbers to Pythagoras was a living reality that was and is still qualitatively experienced. Evidence used by Pythagoras to Support his Arguments

Pythagoras used odd and...
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