Siddhartha Dualism vs Monoism

Topics: Philosophy, Reincarnation, God Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: December 4, 2012
As we all know, there are two main regions pertaining in the world. The Eastern region and the Western region. As there are two regions, there are also two religious philosophies. Monism for the East, Dualism for the West. In Eastern Philosophy, one principle or ultimate force oversees all. Thought this force may appear as many different forms or names, it is intended to portray the same divine essence that is the spirit world. Western philosophy is more biased towards the divine forces categorizing everything into two things; good or evil. Western thought also states that we must live moral and just lives, free of sin. If I had to decide which philosophy is more forgiving and nurturing towards people, I would have to say that the Eastern realm of thought is less biased than the Western thought.

Although I do not believe in a certain faith or god, Eastern thought appeals to me greater as opposed to the biased Western thought. The divine nature of the Eastern faith is more lenient and clear on underlying their concept and principles of a moral life. Western philosophy, as stated before is more biased towards its own beliefs. Western thought states that in order to reach salvation, you must follow the bible and live by its guidelines and that you only get one chance at redemption and that everything else is evil and a sure way to damnation. Eastern thought is more lenient towards achieving the ultimate goal. Monism states that you don’t have to be a monk or a spiritual man to achieve salvation but you can learn to achieve salvation introspectively through your own way.

Where as Dualism weighs people on sin, Monism weighs people based on Karma. Karma is the basic concept that every action will have an equal reaction in the future. Dualism states that we are all judged by our Karma. Monism is clearer on the cycle of life and says that our Karma will determine what we will be reincarnated as. Western thought however states that we are weighed by our bad actions...
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