Side Effects Included

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Side Effects Include Higher Learning.
Advancement in technologies have created a smarter culture, promoting innovative applications to learning on current technologies. Although reports show many negative effects towards learning skills from modern technologies, the same reports inadvertently show otherwise. Without looking further into this problem, a person could easily jump to conclusions about the harmful effects technology causes on learning skills. These assessments could lead to drastic reductions in advancing modern technologies; therefore, the positive effects of this subject should counter the argument. Education advances from the use of modern technology, which positively effects learning skills to help further the user’s knowledge. Some positive benefits of technological learning skills are evident according to an online newspaper article in Science Daily. A study concluded video game skills were a better predictor of surgeons’ successes in performing laparoscopic surgery than the actual laparoscopic surgery experience. Laparoscopic surgery is an operation through the use of a small camera. The study showed the best video game players made forty-seven percent fewer errors and performed much faster at laparoscopic surgery than the doctors who were less experienced playing the video games (“Is Technology”). Science Daily also reports the findings of a New Zealand researcher Paul Kearney. Kearney measured a multi-tasking study and found people playing realistic video games before engaging in military computer simulations showed great improvement in their ability to multi-task. Another example from Science Daily points to the use of modern technologies leading to proficient multi-tasking skills. Patricia Greenfield, a distinguished professor at UCLA, explains these improved multi-tasking capabilities can greatly benefit many professions throughout the economy, for example pilots and cab drivers. Greenfield goes on to say...
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