Similalities Between Germany and Japan

Topics: Japan, World War II, Automotive industry Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Ayaka Kawamata
Marcio Lemos
Pre-Degree 3
14 March 2013
Germany and Japan have been influenced each other
In this enormous multicultural city, Toronto, a variety of car is also multinational. A wide diversity of cars run around on the street: HYUNDAI, Ford, VOLVO etc. In particular, German cars and Japanese cars, these kinds of cars are one of the most popular and widespread vehicles in not only North America but also around the world. Generally, an automotive industry is principal industry to recover from postwar in both of these economically developed countries. On the other hand, Japan had referred to the German Constitution in the history because of German’s highly developed and sophisticated sociology. However, nowadays the characteristic of government is completely different. It was revealed when catastrophic disaster occurred in Japan two years ago. Hence, Germany and Japan have been influenced each other from long time ago.

The car industry is the principal industry in both of countries. For example, BMW, Volkswagen from Germany, TOYOTA, NISSAN from Japan etc. These typical brands have been known well in the world. This is because, these companies have competent proficiency to manufacture cars. Especially, they produce luxury cars and it is their exceptional strength that different from other automotive companies. Therefore, these car companies have been evaluated by quite a few of people in whole of the world.

Nevertheless, there is the similar reason why automotive industry developed in these two of countries. Before end of World War 2, the government in these countries was strongly influenced by militarism. In that time, Germany went to world war under the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler to invade other close countries. Simultaneously, Japanese government was under the control of army and also they decided to go to war. At the same time in the end of the war, they became defeated nations. Meanwhile, their economies were entirely destroyed as...
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