Small Business and Furniture Store

Topics: Small business, Business, 2000 Pages: 3 (813 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Business Profile:
“Smart Handicrafts” formerly known as “Comilla Cane Furniture Store” started its business in the year 1992. It is a small business based on selling different types of handicraft products. Mr. Shahinur Rahman the owner of this small business started the initiative with a capital of 5000 taka only. He offers various kinds of diversified handicraft products. The products are mainly made of bamboo, cane and various recycled goods. His plan was to establish such a business where he can figure out solution of some social problems and also personal problems too besides earning profit. Creating his own working sphere and enabling the employment to the disabled people was one of his major visions. He also wanted to ensure the employment availability for everyone by resolving the financial issues. Mr. Shahinur has a showroom and a small factory where he produces the products for sales. He has 7 employees in the showroom and 25 employees in the factory. “Smart Handicraft” provides quality products to its customers. It has products of various price ranges. It has products for the people coming from different stages. Different types of product like bamboo show pieces, bamboo sofas, bags made of jute, ornaments, various cultural replicas, lamp shade, dining table, things made of clay and etceteras. Basically the products are made of different natural resources. The entire product is being made in his factory. He buys the raw materials from the market and collects the wastes from many sources which he uses in the factory. The inception of this business was very small. Mr. Shahinur rented a showroom for 2000 taka and bought worth 3000 taka products for his store. Day by day, he was successful to overcome his problems. He started the factory in the year 2000 with his savings from his business. Now he does not need to buy the products. This business has a bright future if it is maintained carefully. Though it is a small business now, it can generate a million...
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