Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle Matrix

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Appendix C

Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle Matrix

Fill in the matrix below, denoting each philosopher’s view concerning the topics listed. Write NA if there is no record in the textbook of the philosopher’s view on the specific topic. Then, using the information you inserted into the matrix as a guide, write a 350-700 word response describing how Socrates’, Plato’s, and Aristotle’s philosophies relate to each other. | | | |Socrates |Plato |Aristotle | |Logic and Argument in |Used the dialectic method to take an |Used the knowledge of the forms to|Contributed the concept of | |Philosophy |argument to the root issue and |get to the fundamental issue. |logical reasoning through | | |proceed from there. | |syllogism. | |Methods of Acquiring |Used the dialectic method to acquire |Sensory perception is not a valid |Some things can be intuitively | |Knowledge |knowledge. |means of acquiring knowledge.  It |known.  For most things they | | | |is through thinking and knowledge |should be grouped to discover | | | |of the true forms that one gains |similar qualities as well as | | | |knowledge and can perceive their |unique qualities.  | | | |surroundings.  | | |Love |NA |For Plato, “love is meant to be |NA...
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