Socrates: the greatest philosopher

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Essay 2: Who is The Most Important Greek Philosopher?

Ancient Greek Philosophy is credited to be one of the most influential periods of philosophy in the history of the world. Ideas and theories created during this era have great significance and importance even to today’s society. Many would consider the philosophers who were part of this era to be the greatest of all time. The likes of Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, and many more helped develop hundreds of theories and ideas that changed the way we view our world and opened our eyes to new perspectives. Out of all these philosophers there is only who stands out from the rest. His name is Socrates. Socrates is not only the most important Greek philosopher, but arguably the greatest philosopher in history. Socrates’ significance to Philosophy is at the stature of Albert Einstein’s importance in the world of science.

Socrates is considered the “first philosopher,” although there were many before him. Plato was actually taught by Socrates, and Aristotle was taught by Plato. So Socrates’ teaching more or less helped develop the greatest thinkers to live, along with making personal contributions to philosophy. He is the founder of Western Philosophy, and his other personal contributions include the development of socratic irony and the socratic method. Most importantly he is respected for developing the practice of a philosophical version of pedagogy, which is where the teacher asks the students questions that will provoke the best answer and force the student to provide basic personal insight.

The influence of Socrates on modern society is also another factor that makes him the greatest. Socrates was a man who was the prime example of someone who lived by their own rules and principles, even though he was killed for it in the end. Even centuries after his death, Socrates is still influencing philosophers and students today.

It is clear that the future ages to come will still perceive this little, humble...
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