Socrates: A Biography

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Socrates, the Philosopher
Socrates was a Greek Philosopher who was particularly “interesting.” What made him interesting was that he was very unique compared to all the other Athens during 469 B.C. . This ranged from looks, the way he thought, and his actions. Back then, looking good was the measured through the standards of the gods. Socrates, who didn’t really care for appearance, looked very “ugly” compared to the others. Socrates had wide eyes that darted sideways, a flat nose, and large fleshy lips. He also let his hair grow long like the Spartans did; that was controversial since the Athens were fighting the Spartans during that time period. Socrates also went bare foot, was unwashed, and looked arrogant. He also went around without real clothing, but only what he wore at night. Not only did his looks make him unique, but the way that he thought as an individual and his thoughts of others distinguished him from other citizens. Socrates like to judge others and critique others. Being a fellow philosopher, he had his beliefs and he decided to judge others. He also believed in the Socratic Method, virtue, and knowledge.

The Socratic Method was a way of figuring questions that humans do not think about. This can range off of what is life, why am I here, or any complex question. The Socratic Method wanted thinker and humans to break down a tough question, think about the smaller fragment of the question, and piece the “puzzle” together and get an answer. It is similar to a question and answer type of system. Since Socrates like to use logic to think about life, he favored this system. He taught kids to think about questions involving meaning and life. Because Socrates believed in the Socratic Method, he was able to determine the meaning of Good and Justice. Not only did it help determine complex questions, it also earned Socrates the title, “The Father of Western Philosophy.”

Besides the Socratic Method,...

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