Sophies World

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For my whole life, I have questioned where God came from. I've always believed in a God and that He created us, but I could never wrap myself around the idea of where He Himself came from. One day, I asked my friend and his answer was quite helpful and it might also help you guys, he said, I think God was always there as the essence of "there". God doesn't exist like you and I exist. Based on the way we understand existence, God doesn't exist. That's why that question is so hard for us. When Moses asked God's name he said "I Am" And the Jews used to call him YHWH (or Yaweh). But that sound is literally like breath since it has no vowels. And I think God exists through us the way love exists through us. It drives us to do things and to follow a certain way.

I disagree, I believe that God does exist. It is how we display him through ourselves and how we act and treat each other. I know God is not present within us when someone murders someone, has premarital sex, or commits adultry. He is alive, not dead! He just exist further back. He does exist in the poor man down the street, who is happy with life, treat other's like Jesus, and actively prays, worships, and reads his bible.

I'd disagree... there are some questions that us as Christians are unable to explain to others... God'sexistence is one of those questions. God's intelligence is unimaginable and we, as humans, cannot comprehend the complexity of how God has always been. This subject is one of the main rolls as Christians which is called faith. We can't see it, it is very hard to understand... yet we all believe it with all of our hearts. God exists, just like you and I in the living flesh. Where do we come from? Who are we? How do we exist? Sophie’s World a novel by Jostein Gaarder attempts to question the validity of everything we know through the history of western philosophy. It does so by following a fourteen-year-old girl called Sophie as she comes into contact with philosophy...
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