Sophies World

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Sophie’s World Essay #1
One of the most basic philosophical questions, as well as at the same time being the most complicated, in the novel Sophie’s World is the question, who are we? This question alone is what embarks Sophie, the main character in the novel, on a never ending journey of questions and through the world of philosophy. As it is shown in Sophie’s World, the concepts of philosophy have been in constant change all throughout history, philosophers contradicting one another in a constant battle to achieve greatness, and proceeding in a constant never ending cycle of philosopher contradicting philosopher. Because of this non-stop constant change in philosophy, Democritus, one of the earliest philosophers, would have a completely different opinion on the question of who we are? Than that of the Greek philosopher Plato, or of a philosopher like Descartes. Although the question itself might not really seem all that complicated, philosophically speaking it is a bottomless pit of never-ending questions.

Who are you? Have you ever really come to stop and think about who any one really is? Many people have asked these questions, but no one really has the right response to answer them. All that one really knows is that they are who they are because of the birth name they were given. But your name isn’t what really matters in the world to which we belong today. Now a day’s what really matters, is what you are and what you can make of it, Or at least that is what I think. Nobody really cares who you are by simply your name unless you manage to make your name noticeable by what you do and how well you accomplish it. This intriguing question is only one of many which are encountered in the novel Sophie’s World.

Another philosophical question raised in the book by the anonymous philosopher was the question: “where does the world come from?” This question I thought was the most puzzling of all questions, as well as the most crucial among all the others. Many...
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