Sophies World (Pombo)

Topics: Meaning of life, Philosophy, Human Pages: 4 (1606 words) Published: November 2, 2010
Freedom High School Santiago Pombo 11A October/20/2010 Philosophy Course
“My Philosophy is what I want it to be”

We take philosophy courses at our daily basis, every time we doubt about a supposed reality and start questioning with the goal of reaching toward a final resolution that convinces us is established making it suitable for our understanding of the world. Everyone should have a philosophy in life based on own beliefs and thoughts, even though it is influenced by intellectuals, philosophers or others knowledge acquired through experiences, nobody can determine what is right or wrong therefore we become our own judges to accept or decline a philosophy. Nobody has my same perspective of life, some may agree with some arguments and beliefs however at some point we always disagree, using one of the qualities of being citizen, not only free but also independent. Throughout the teaching of reading philosophical courses as it is “Sophie’s World” I have learned to think philosophically, becoming myself individual critical thinker, someone who has the ability not to take every truth for granted but rather investigate and research through reasoning to decide what my ideals are..

Where does the world come from or how was Earth created? Are questions that have no exact answers. Nevertheless, avoiding the fact that no one will ever be correct, philosophers have tried to explain the best suitable answers for these questions. Thales explained we all come from water; Anaximenes disagreed with air as main factor and Heraclitus with fire. These essential “substances” of life can’t create matter as separate entities however a combination of all elements in Earth, as Empedocles theory establishes. Everything is different and perceive through different forms because of the ratios of the combination of these elements however at the end, only four elements will remain. We all have to come from something and things are...
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