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Topics: Automotive industry, South America, Brazil Pages: 3 (401 words) Published: April 19, 2014
South American Automotive Production Outlook to 2018 by Vehicle Type Published on 19th April 2014
South American countries are expanding its presence in the world markets owing to their growing economies. With the automotive sector being one of the major contributors to a countrys GDP to boost the growth potential of automotive industries, the South American governments are taking certain measures to increase competition and stimulate the economy that could positively affect the market. The FDIs from long-term established companies such as Fiat and Volkswagen have resulted in the increased capital in automobile industry. Brazil, the leading automotive market in South America, is largely controlled by three major companies: Fiat-Chrysler, Volkswagen, and General Motors. The increasing trend in the production has prompted strong investments from a number of manufacturers, thus contributing a larger share of FDIs. Argentinean market is growing at a rapid rate with cheap labor force available in the country.The South American market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.5% by 2018. The Brazilian market is expected to flourish at a higher rate compared to other countries in South America on account of the growing urbanization, expansion of plants, and heavy investments made by the industries.

Table of Content:-

1.1 Key Take-Aways
1.2 Report Description
1.2.1 Report Catalyst
1.2.2 Report Structure
1.3 Glance at Markets Covered
1.3.1 By country
1.3.2 By vehicle type
1.3.3 By fuel type
1.4 Stakeholders
1.5 Key Data Points & Sources
1.5.1 Secondary Sources
1.5.2 Key Data Points taken from Primary Sources
1.6 Research Methodology & Assumption
1.6.1 Assumptions

2.1 passenger cars: leading the segment in Latin America
2.2 diversified choices of fuel

On the basis of product type:
Automotive sector
Automotive industries
Automotive market
Argentinean market
On the basis of geographic:...
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