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1. Explain how the recession of 2008-2009 affected Jessops.

Camera sales declined and the profit margins on hardware sold fell. This forced the business to restructure, for which it was forced to obtain additional funding.

2. Using Jessops as an example, analyse how organisations are affected by competition.

Increased competition can make trading more difficult for organisations Sales can decline
Competition can encourage organisations to offer good service and differentiate their products in order to compete with rivals Competition can lead to greater efficiency
Firms can exploit any competitive advantage they have e.g. Jessops would not be able to compete with supermarkets based on price, but they have specialist knowledge and expertise that the supermarkets do not have.

3. Analyse how social factors have impacted upon the operations of Jessops in recent years.

Increase in use, by society, of mobile technology and social networking means that the way photographs are taken, viewed and generally dealt with has changed Speed of service is more important than ever

Customer expectations have increased in terms of product and service quality

4. Explain how the Internet has positively impacted on businesses like Jessops.

E-commerce allows business to promote and sell goods online. They can use the technological advancements to improve or change their product offering e.g. ordering prints online and collecting in store.

5. Analyse how technological advancements have been a challenge for Jessops

Technology changes rapidly so Jessops is constantly having to ensure it is up to date with new technology Sales of products that Jessops has traditionally sold are declining e.g. stand-along digital cameras Products and services, store changes and training has been necessary as the demands on the business have changed.
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