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Topics: Philosophy, Religious text, Theology Pages: 2 (292 words) Published: September 3, 2014
Towns: Chapter I
What does “prolegomena” mean?
What are the 3 presuppositions of prolegomena?
What is the contemporary usage of the word “theology?” •What is catechism?
What are 5 presuppositions for the task of theologizing? •What are the tests used to verify theological truths? Explain. •What is the aim of biblical theology?
Where does biblical theology get its material?
What does historical theology study?
What does dogmatic theology study?
What is philosophical theology?
What is contemporary theology?
What is systematic theology?
What does practical theology seek to do?
What is the theology of Scriptures called?
What are the 6 uses for reason?
What are the 4 tools for accurately arranging a systematic theology? •What 4 questions must we ask about faith?
What 5 factors can limit our theology?

Towns: Chapter II
What is revelation?
What is inspiration?
What is inerrancy?
What is the canon?
What is hermeneutics?
What is illumination?
What is the primary motivation of revelation?
What does Hebrews 1:1–2 teach about divine revelation? •What are the 2 areas of revelation?
What is reason?
What does the cosmological argument state?
Upon what 3 things is the cosmological argument dependent? •What does the teleological argument state?
What does the anthropological argument state?
What does the anthropological argument reason?
What does the ontological argument state?
What does congruity mean?
What does the existence of laws imply?
Of what do laws in society give evidence?

Rivera: Introduction and Chapter 1
Know how many chapters are in the Bible.
Identify the metaphor the author uses to create a picture of the whole of Scripture. •Be able to fill in these blanks: “I’d rather be the ________ person in heaven than the ________ person in hell.” •Understand how the author describes love for God.

Understand what the results of love for...
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