Swot Analysis of Ford

Topics: Automotive industry, Ford Motor Company, Land Rover Pages: 3 (729 words) Published: May 5, 2013
* Ford Motors recorded the strongest as well as effective operation performance in 2005. * Ford motors are the second largest automobile manufacturer. * Ford Motors is termed as one of the supportive tools after various attacks, and is credited with donating heavily to various charities after natural disasters etc. * Ford Europe along with PAG also known as premier automotive group also recorded the strongest revenue in year 2005. * Extensive supply chain is the leading and the best contributor towards the betterment of the company * Ford motor is termed as the best manufacturer in terms of diversity of products. * Product line is respected by industry experts and is qualitatively seen to be a step above many of its competitors. Recent surveys place Ford in a tie with Toyota for greatest customer satisfaction, a significant improvement from five years ago. * Have a global market presence, with worldwide brand recognition and a particularly strong presence in Europe. * Excellent management of global workforce with less unionization except for UK where shop floor militancy led to closure of Dagenham manufacturing plant.

* Poor Profitability: Ford still loses money on many automobile lines, particularly within the United States. * Not successful in withstanding competition from Japanese companies like Toyota. * Due to various product recalls as a result of faults, Ford’s brand image was also harmed * Falling sales and revenues (faced a whopping $5.45 billion in 2001 that improved to $2 Billion loss before the Jaguar and Land Rover companies were sold to Tata Motors India) and Poor financial condition continuing for a number of years * Not able to tap opportunities in small and medium segments where the motor market is the largest * The automotive market is highly competitive with large fixed costs. In addition, the market demands continual long term planning and research and development....
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