Tec 401 - Impact of Technology

Topics: Technology, Customer, Consultative selling Pages: 4 (1105 words) Published: September 19, 2011
Impact of Technology
All walks of life have been affected by technology as it has become a vital piece of our everyday living. To name a few, doctors, students, and business people depend on technology everyday to complete normal, everyday tasks. Organizations have improved their business practices with technology. Technology has become the means to controlling the world in which we live; as without technology, simple tasks we accomplish daily would be deemed mundane and take up too much time. This paper will concentrate onthe impact of technology on customers with introduction of new products, added value, support plans, and technology partnership to improve customer experiences.

Today, people use their knowledge, technical tools, and operating systems to enhance their daily lives. Business technology is used to enhance the workplace and over the last decade, has changed rapidly. Technology has advanced so greatly, specialists are used to work and control the software or hardware used in today’s organizations. Technology today is the main focus of most companies as without it, they will become stagnant in the business world and lose the competitive edge. The uses of technology gives companies the cutting edge over other companies with the ability to cut costs, increase production, and require less resources. Businesses throughout the world are spending more money on research and development of technology to promise customer satisfaction. New Product Introduction

New technology brought into an organization brings with it the accountability to have understanding of the programs and use. A range of skills and knowledge is fundamentally desirable and where technology might successfully communicate preferred goals of a certain skill or knowledge, it could clearly fail in another. It is important to understand the purpose of old products compared to new ones according to Reagan and O’Connor (2002). Before incorporating technology into an organization,...
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