Topics: Employment, Technology, Corporation Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: October 26, 2014
My answer is yes for the most part. Technology in the workplace allows businesses to expand quickly and efficiently. Business technology such as video conferencing, social networks and virtual office technology has removed workplace boundaries that previously limited business expansion. With business technology, companies can target a wider customer base and grow to higher levels. Business technology is important because it improves communication in the workplace. Office workers are not limited to phone calls or inter-office mail to interact with one another anymore. Electronic mail allows workers to send messages instantly without interrupting the recipient. Business technology also improves communication with clients and business partners because information can be passed through multiple channels almost instantly. Technology in the workplace improves the efficiency of screening, recruiting and hiring potential candidates. Businesses utilize the Internet to spread the word about the organization and advertise job openings. Hiring managers can target candidates by using digital advertising technology that tracks the websites they visit. Technology like personality assessments and screening tools allow businesses to determine whether a potential candidate is an appropriate fit for the organization. Technology in the workplace practically eliminates space and time. Video conferencing technology lets businesses on any part of the globe interact with one another. Technology reduces travel costs because businesses can set up virtual meetings and distribute data without the need to be in the same room. Technology allows businesses to establish a global presence at a fraction of the cost. Office technology saves times by speeding up the work flow process. Digital filing systems save space, paper and printing costs. The use of computer systems allow corrections to be made instantly. Technology plays an important role human’s life and also has developed day by day....
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