Topics: Technology, Science, Frank Popper Pages: 11 (3244 words) Published: December 6, 2014 10 ADVANTAGES OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY:

Easy Access to information: It has become very easy to get access to relevant information at any time anywhere. This has been possible because of modern technologies like broadband internet.  Lots of data is being published and indexed online, sites like Wikipedia and Youtube have great original content which can be used in research or entertainment.  Information is power, and those who find information and use it well always succeed.  With smart gadgets like the ipad , iphone , galaxy tablet , users can easily have access to information through these smart gadgets because they use internet. So a user on a train can easily read breaking news while traveling, they can also buy and sell stocks while in the bedroom using the internet. These smart gadgets make it easy to access internet and this simplifies the way we get information.  

Encourages innovation and creativity – Since technology is challenging, it sparks the brain to work to its full potential.  In the past, it used to be very difficult to start a business, one had to have lots of capital and they even had limited access to business information. Today, it is very easy to start a business while at home. Let’s look at companies like which enable creative people sell their works online, this encourages creativity. Another good example is which helps creative people get funds for their projects through crowd funding. On this platform, creative developers post projects seeking for funding from the community, this helps them generate lots of cash for their good ideas which latter leads to creation of new Jobs.  The other creative works which have been facilitated by modern technology include  Google , Apple , Facebook , Microsoft , Amazon ,  etc  

Improved communication:   Communication is like water to life. We can not develop without communication.  Modern technology has blessed us with advanced communication technology tools. These can include e-fax machines, electronic mail, mobile phones,videoconferencing, instant text messaging applications, social networking applications. All these modern communication technology tools have simplified the way humans and businesses communicate.  I can easily talk to my relative oversees using a mobile phone or video chatting services like Skype.  

Convenience of Traveling:  Modern transportation technology makes it very easy to travel long distances.  Transport is a very important both in our lives and in the business world.  Transportation technology has evolved with years. In the past it used to be slow and expensive to move long distances. Now days, I can cover a 10 miles distance with in a few minutes or hours  using electric trains or airplanes.  

Improved housing and lifestyle: This is another great way how modern technology has simplified our lives. If you compare the type of housing we used to have in 1900 and the architecture of houses today, the difference is very big. New architectural technology has improved the types of housed we build now days.   People with money can afford town floating housed   and glass homes. Most of the items in our house are now automated, for example, doors use finger prints which guarantee security.  Remote webcams which you can use to monitor what goes on at your home.  

Improved Entertainment: Modern technology has played a big role in changing the entertainment industry.  Home entertainment has improved with the invention of video games and advance music and visual systems like smart...
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