Technology Addiction in Teens

Topics: Technology, Educational technology, Information technology Pages: 11 (3848 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Many people warn of the possible harmful effects of using technology in the classroom. Will children lose their ability to relate to other human beings? Will they become dependent on technology to learn? All of them have given humanity unbounded access to information in which can be turned into knowledge. The impact of technology is given the vital role of technology in today’s world. This critical issue will examine the value of effective technology use in specific references. This criticism, especially strong for computer use by younger students, concerned about the effect that children are gaining so much of their knowledge from a virtual, rather than the real world. No doubts technology always have critics, but to responses to such critics is depending on one’s personal values and perspective of what is good and bad in education and for the children who are addicted to it. There are realities to some of criticism but the many of the points of objection are due to poor implementation of technology. The very concept of the internet would not be possible without technology. This is paralleled by the incredibly rapid growth of information that likely would not possible without this technology. Technology has been proved to accommodate learning styles and to be an effective motivator for students with specific learning needs. Furthermore, students working in collaborative team learning settings appear to function better when learning events are accompanied by technology use and much meaningful by using it in appropriately ways. The emergence of new technologies that impact on how we share information has revolutionized the way we do many things. Through new technologies, the world is now a much smaller place, with each of us linked to the rest of humanity at breakneck speed and thus provided with a lot of opportunities that were inconceivable prior to the arrival of these technologies. For us Filipinos, as it for all others in the not so developed parts of the world, these new technologies have been a source of excitement and jubilation.

“Why most of the student and children are addicted to technology, especially on computers? It would be satisfying both critics and advocates”? THEORY:
Most of the children and students now a days are addicted to the technology, specially computers. Most young people cannot understand arguments that school limit technology use. For them, use of internet play’s a major role in their relationship with their friends, families and other people around them.

This research paper gives important information to those students and children to know and be aware the impact of technology in their life, whether it is good or bad. The specific idea that gives us the important information that will lead to learning by using technology in stimulating oneself and developing higher thinking skills in order to achieved success. The following objectives are: * To know the following conditions for fostering the authentic uses of technology. * To understand the advantages and disadvantages of using technology. * To find out the reasons why most of the people are addicted to it. * To emphasized the impact of the technology in our daily living. * To look at the dynamics of information and communications technologies(ITCs)and education. * To look at the new paradigm of living.

* To able to harness our intellectual and technological abilities.

This research gives significant effect to the students and children, especially to the students will give them information to use technology on appropriate ways, interactively and with guidance that brought them into the development of higher order thinking skills rather than to drill and practice that is not so different from workbooks. Technology,...
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