Technology and Communication Paper

Topics: Police, Mobile data terminal, Criminal justice Pages: 3 (1137 words) Published: August 4, 2013
Technology and Communication Paper

Technology and Communication Paper
Technology has helped enhance communication in the criminal justice system as well as the communication capabilities of specialized databases within the criminal justice system. There are many forms of technology in use today in the criminal justice field such as iris scans and mobile data terminals. In this particular paper I intend to discuss and compare different forms of specialized databases, as well as the negative and positive effects due to all the new technologies in the criminal justice that has been and is currently being incorporated in the day to day actions and activities. One such specialized database used to help with communication is the mobile data terminal (MDT). This device (computerized) is used in emergency and transit vehicles to communicate with the dispatch (central) office (Versaterm, 2011). Many police agencies require officers to have this form of terminal system (wireless mobile) in their vehicles. This database helps law enforcement officers manage their workload in the center (communication) and also helps officers gain a better efficiency in regards to time management. Mobile data terminals allow officers to have access to status updates, dispatch receipts, and to other units in case that unit needs backup and/or assistance. Dispatch and officers communicate on this device frequently in order to know where to go, to update their (officers) statuses, to call for assistance, etc. Iris scans are another form of specialized database used in the criminal justice system. Iris scans are a method of biometric identification in which pattern recognition of the eye is used to determine the identity of a subject and/or suspect (Technovelgy LLC, 2010). When identifying an individual iris scans may be quicker than retrieving fingerprints. Iris recognition and iris scans have been proven to be the most accurate type of biometric devices the criminal justice...
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