Technology and People

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November 9, 2010
Final Draft
Technology is not something that one can ignore, as it is being developed all the time around us, and is included everyday of our lives. Technology shapes the world and has both positive and negative effects. Technology has made huge advancements in society. People can save more time, receive better education, faster communication, advance health services, as well as many other benefits. However, modern technology might cause problems too. In “The Back draft of Technology” Stephanie Alaimo and Mark Koester discuss many disadvantages of modern technology in society. They state that because of the increasing use modern technology, a growing number of people are observing more problems now more than ever. Problems such as unemployment, losing human interaction, bad economy, and so much more than one can imagine are bad effects of advance technology. The tone of the essay is not optimistic on mechanization in every area of life. Alaimo and Koester give warning to their readers about negative causes and effects of mechanization at present time and also in the future. Alaimo and Koester are correct. Although technology helps human beings to adapt an easier way of life, in the long term it might not be as helpful as people realize, and it could bring too many problems such as unfair competition, unemployment, and complex life for society.

Technology can eliminate competition or make competition unfair. For example, when A Company produces something and B Company in another country produces the same item as well, they must struggle for their market. Imagine the B Company purchases more equipment that will cut the number of workers needed and improve production, and then they can reduce the price of their product. If A Company doesn't follow their way, then they could be forced out of business. In this case the A Company is forced to buying the machines, so they can stay in business. In...
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