Technology -Boon or Bane

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Hi! In my english class we had to write an essay based on the quote"The more technology advances, the more people draw apart from each other. I would like your comments, criticism and opinions on it please.

As technology advances and changes, our lives follow suit. Technology is something that people tend to get drawn into and depend on it, as if it was necessary for survival, and as a result they drift further and further apart from real social interaction. However, technology does have some positive aspects; it makes our lives easier and helps us connect with people from all the corners of the world. Technology is a double edged sword: it draws us in and has negative effects, but it also has some positive effects that enhance our lives.

People can become so engrossed in the use if technology, that they come to see it as a necessity of life. This “dependence” is common and can easily effect anyone. Technology shares many characteristics with a drug: addictive and hard to give up. When people depend wholly on technology, they are depleted of real social contact (which makes their social skills suffer), preferring the “tech world” over the “real world”. Being addicted to technology makes people drift away from the real world, thus losing most of what’s important.

You only need to take one glance of the internet to see that there is little to no evidence of anyone using the correct social skills. Technology has this effect on people: drawing them in and making their social skills suffer in the process. There are many textbook examples of this, people typing “LOL” instead of writing something more educated, such as “so funny” or “that made me laugh”. The prenominate use of the internet over real social contact is slowly, but surely decreasing our important social skills.

While technology does have some disadvantages, it does allow us to connect with people overseas, quickly and easily. This is a major advantage of technology: we can share experiences,...
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