Technology Dependency: A New Era of Slavery

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Jun 30th 2013
Slavery: The New Era
Today, technology is a necessary part of daily life; nobody can figure out the world without these products that make our life so easy and comfortable. However, have you ever thought about how far technology is impacting our lives? Modern society is too dependent on computers and other technological devices because we are becoming the technology’s slave; we always want the newest gadget, particularly in American Culture where “new” is better than “old”. We are spending too much time on computers to interact with other people instead of spend time in recreational activities or having a conversation with someone face to face. First, this is a new slavery era, and we are becoming obsessed with buying the newer, better version than previous models. People are always fighting to be the first one to order the latest generation of computers, smartphones, and tablets. Cellphone companies, such as Apple, Blackberry, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, and HTC are competing to create the best smartphone; there is a new version almost every year that is faster and slimmer than the year before. Microsoft and Apple are principal computers companies that have been competing for years to create better computer systems. For instance, there are nearly 15 Microsoft windows versions (from 1985 to the present) that are continually being improved upon. Second, although computers are a useful tool for work and school, we are using them in a personal way to interact with other people, so there is less face to face conversation. For those who prefer to hide behind computers. Online, we can find an answer for any question. For instance when we are doing homework and we not understood something, we immediately go to Google. In fact, Google has become the answer for everything we do not know, but this is not always a reliably source of information, since anyone can upload anything they want to the internet. According to writer Matt Richtel of The New York...

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