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Technology has become an ever present force in our society. Technology is continuously changing and getting more advanced. Basic technologies are the foundation of peoples’ lives in present day and it is extremely difficult to imagine our life without electricity, internet, TV, computers, and other technologies that we now take for granted. Even though our society needs basic technologies to function, excess advancements hinder the happiness of people as well as our ability to form a closely knit community. These excess advancements have increased our dependency on every new technology, they break down tight knit communities and they affect the happiness of people in a more negative way than we realize. Technology is an integral part of society and has advanced rapidly over the past 20 years. With technology being more readily available, it has become a much larger distraction for people, especially kids. The article The Negative Effects of Technology on Children states, “Kids ages 8-18 spend over 7 ½ hours a day using technology gadgets according to a New York Times article in 2010.” These numbers are a reflection of the increased dependency of our society on technology and where our society is headed if this dependency isn’t cut down. It is understandable that our advanced society relies on basic technology for almost all of our everyday functions, but children especially do not need to be spending over 1/5 of their day using technologies that weren’t even invented a mere 10 years ago. The short story, Super-Toys Last All Summer Long by Brian Aldiss is a good foreshadow of what society will become if our dependency on technology increases further. The idea of creating a personal serving-man that is the “product of a computer” and is “capable of dealing with almost any situation he may encounter in the home” is continuously discussed throughout the story. The idea of every person having a personal robot that can hold a conversation and keep them company is the solution to the many fantasies of society in the 90s and early 2000s, however if these robots existed, people would no longer seek out human connection. The story also portrays how families completely hide the real world with technology by using it to create huge mirages. Instead of having windows, the technology they have creates the illusion of “gardens set in eternal summer” and the “deception of a nice Georgian mansion.” This society is so dependent on technology that everything in the society is fake, including the homes they live in. The lyrics of the song Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead also portray a fake society. “Her green plastic watering can, for her fake Chinese rubber plant, in the fake plastic earth,” directly correlates with the idea of technology making the world fake and everything in it, even the earth itself. The lyric, “She looks like the real thing, she tastes like the real thing, my fake plastic love,” demonstrates the affect that technology has on people and its ability to disguise things to be real, even people. Everything about her is fake, even the love they share because the technology has gotten in the way of their life. Finally, the painting Sensation of Technology by Grant Miller also gives insight on peoples’ dependency on technology. Halcombe Miller, who blogged about Miller’s work, states, “ Millers process mimics the course of attaining and recording all the information technology shoves in our faces while his work exhibits the physical sensations technology induces." When looking at the painting, all of the different colors, lines and shapes represent all of the information that we receive from technology and it makes you feel overwhelmed at first. However, as you continue to look at the painting you get used to it and it is pleasing to look at. This is similar to our relationship with technology, except now we have become so dependent on technology for our information that we cannot rely on any other mode to...
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