Technology Friend or Foe

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Until recently, I had always accepted technology as a wonderful friend, but after doing some in depth reading and research on the topic I found that technology also has its draw -backs. Through research I found that technology has been nothing more than a journey of trial and error. In my research I discovered what I choose to call the dark side of technology. Everyday household conveniences, transportation, and modern medicine are all products of technology that are an integral part of our society. More often than not these products and services are viewed as assets or friends of our society .and the draw-backs are often overlooked And why not ? We are a Convenience oriented society, and technology has improved our quality of life so much that most of fail to recognized the many ways it can be harmful. Although these so called friends or modern conveniences have made our lives easier, they have also been the cause of many a tragedy. What exactly is technology anyway? According to Webster it is defined as the application of science. The E.S.P, to industrial or commercial objectives;it is the body of knowlege available to a civilization that is in use. But let us consider after all, if this technology, this application of science, this knowlege, this industrial objective is our friend, or could it very well be our worst nightmare with the worst yet to come? Many people have died from electricution and the executioner - electrical appliances. Technology in transportation is portrayed as an inspiration of great things to come, but what about the tragedies? Deaths from auto accidents far exceed the death tolls in history's most tragic wars. In air travel hundreds of lives may be taken by a single accident. Modern medicine, too has its closet full of skeletons even though it has saved many of lives. But what about the exchange one must accept when under going cancer treatment? Cancer therapies are administered to cure the cancer and often do, along with life long lasting organ damage that result from these very same treatments. Is this a fair exchange? We cure one ailment and cause another in the process. I once had a very dear friend name Andrea who was caught in a rain storm on her way home from a friends house one night. She had taken off her high heel shoes to make a run for the house not noticing that a live electrical power line had fallen to the ground nearby. While still in mid- stride she was innocently electrocuted, in less time than it took her to take her heels off. There have been other countless situations where people have died from electrocution by electrical appliances. One night my daughter Desiree was taking a bath, When I walked in to check on her. I felt my body's energy level drain and my heart fall straight to the floor, when I saw her reaching for the hair dryer, while sitting in the tub. I screamed at the top of my lungs and pulled the hair dryer from her reach . I then pulled my baby from the tub and tried to explain that she could have been fatally shocked, and that people have died from doing the very same thing. With trembling hands and through a quivering voice I told her that she must never to do that again . To this day my eyes fill with tears when I think of what could have happened if I had not walked in when I did. Fatalities in side the home can be as numerous as fatalities outside the home, and technology in transportation is no exception. In this day and age transportation has become an invaluable ally to our society. There are so many cars today that most families have more than one."with a national average of 2.28 vehicles per household". And more than one vehicle compounded by number of families equals a staggering number. This ever increasing amount of vehicles affords members of our society the luxury of ground travel from point A to point B with little or no difficulty. State of the art...

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