Technology Has Negatively Effected America

Topics: Technology, Privacy, Mobile phone Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Technology has come a long way since its early stone tool days more than 200,000 years ago. While in those days Americans, were fresh to the idea of a newer resource something they benefited from. As time evolved Americans begin to get carried away and obsessed with the convenience of having this technology that required less effort. As technology advances it effects Americans negatively in many ways these way include health, the way people interact with each other, business sectors of the industry and privacy issues. People have become accustomed to “fast and convenient”. Look at the microwave for example, with the microwave and its fast cooking can a lot of people eat processed foods that are convenient but at the same time are unhealthy. A microwave cannot cook healthy nutritious meal but a stove/oven can. I guess I may be a bit old fashioned but I believe in home cooked meals from scratch that take time. Fast and convenience has caused citizens to adapt to a lazy lifestyle. I hear talk on the news about obesity in America and of how many are not exercising their bodies but spending numerous hours each day in front of the television, computer, and using other electronics which are causing poor health. Looking at changes in people’s behavior leads to believe they are less active than before an increase of this form of habitual acts. There are masses of purchasing electronic items affordable or not employed or unemployed, old or young whether they are all smitten with the speediness and readily available info from every source known to mankind, there are many ways to get it, this too plays a huge role on the impact technology has on many Americans health. It is simply unhealthy mentally to those American citizens are who know they cannot afford these things but spend their money carelessly on them while struggling to pay their bills. Americans are moving at a faster pace, expecting things and processes to be completed quickly. Some...
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