technology improved the lives of people in the UK

Topics: Medicine, Technology, Surgery Pages: 4 (1329 words) Published: May 22, 2014
In what ways has the technology improved the lives of people in the United Kingdom over the last 20 years?

  The most important thing for people’s lives is health, governments of many countries have been starting concern on people’s health care and their medical industries, technology of health care development is a main part that they focus on, so the UK does. This report will focus on technology of health care in the UK, and discuss the effects of changing people’s lives and the society over the last 20 years.   Technology has greatly changed health care in a number of different ways. (Taylor, 2011). Through the development of technology, the medicine has a great improvement which have resulted increased longevity significantly. Moreover, medical facilities are becoming high tech by development and medical needed, these high tech instruments allow them to be less incursive while doing more surgically. Therefore, the improvement of facilities and instruments make lots of conveniences for surgery; those technologies reduce the risks and failures of surgery.   With high technology of health care, people are getting more benefits than drawbacks. Patients are having high tech medical treatment which makes them have confident on it; also their families can rest assure that high tech tools with professional doctor are more safety to finish a treatment or surgery. Nevertheless, medical staffs with fully completed equipments are easier to make decision and perfectly to diagnose a patient or a disease. Overall those points and returning to society, it inspires all benefits to people and their living.   Technology changes as new forms are devised to better fulfill purpose or as the purpose itself is expanded or limited. (Reiser, 2009) So technology development of health care is a necessary action, also it is important for us and next generation as well.   

Technology of Health Care

    Medicine is one of the important part for health care. Its...

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