Technology in Business: The Ethical Preposition

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Technology Pages: 4 (1286 words) Published: February 9, 2013

In the beginnings of human civilization, technology could not exceed the scope of human physical and sensory capabilities. Following the business revolution, the development of mass technological production and systems has drastically changed life and thought, expectations of the nature environment, and the moral landscapes of persons. The uniqueness of human beings in the world relies on the progress and expansion of technology, and all life activities are heavily tied to technology. Technology seems to have no limit and the power of technology affects areas such as politics, economics, business, culture, education, health service, work, leisure, and sports. However, life is increasingly tied to and surrounded by technology and technical schemes, and ethics is not an exception to this dramatic change (Munoz, 2004). Although technology helps humans to understand, reform, and control nature, the improper use and development of technology in businesses results in unethical practices such as environmental pollution, resource depletion, and ecological destruction. Technology enriches material life and improves living conditions, but its rapid development and strong power may lead to ethical controversies such as cloning, genetic modification, replication technology, information misuse, computer crime, and nuclear weapons. These issues are inevitable because they challenge traditional ethics and human moral values. Rapid technology development in businesses has brought pollution and consumption of the natural environment; therefore, technologies often give rise to previously unknown ethical dilemmas. Under these circumstances, the traditional ethical role becomes more difficult because technology also transforms human beings attitude. Interest in the discussion of technology ethical dilemmas and controversies has increased, and it often takes many years to fully integrate them into society (Barro, 2000)....
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