technology in schools

Topics: Education, High school, Technology Pages: 5 (1673 words) Published: November 30, 2013
Troy Delestowicz

Technology and Schools, Good or Bad?

What’s life without an education? Education and schooling has become such a large aspect in life and can be found and sought in many different ways. Many look towards schools for the majority of their education, there are endless possibilities on what someone could see or learn. Schools have progressed so far from the beginning and the technology the schools use deals with a major part in that statement. Technology takes a huge part within school districts of our current generation, but is the large quantities put it in effective? Middle to upper class school districts spend large quantities of money on the technology they use at their facilities. Does having more advanced and expensive technology make learning easier or more efficient? Or are the schools spending too much on the aspect of helping their students and faculty. Do the schools that are targeting their funds on their technology budget really getting the results they want? To most districts the technology given to students is the top priority. Does that mean that it makes teaching and learning more efficient? The only way to truly know is to compare schools with higher budgets spends on technology, to those who have the bare minimum of limited computers. Will more technology be beneficial to students, even at a young age? So is it really worth the thousands of dollars spent on technology even helping the students and their behavior to the technological generation as we know today. Technology is the need of the day. The technological advancements have made society take a leap towards success. Every technological reform is a small step towards advancement. Every invention in technology is a step towards the progress of mankind. Centuries ago, hardly anyone would have even dreamt of working on a computer. Generations of the past would have hardly imagined being able to communicate with people on the other side of the globe. But there were some intelligent minds to dared to dream of such revolutionary discoveries and they made the 'impossible' possible. As technology is bound to rule our present and future, it is good be obtain a knowhow of the technological reforms at the earliest. Some say children learn faster and can adapt to changes relatively easily. If they are trained during their school years, they have high chances of becoming experts in technology. An early beginning is always beneficial in the long run. When we know that technology is bound to be a part of their future, it is best to introduce them to it during school life? Instead of seeing them, struggle with learning later in life, it is advisable to give them at least a basic idea of the technological reforms. The official procedures of school can be simplified by the means of technology. School records, the information about all the students and the teachers as also other school employees can efficiently be maintained by means of the advanced technology. The data pertaining to the school employees and students can effectively be stored in a school database. The school could have a library system, which by the utilization of technology can be maintained in an efficient manner. On similar line, the attendance records of the pupils and teachers can be maintained by means of a student database. Moreover, the school can host a website of its own holding information about the school. Carlo states, “The introduction of technology in schools can thus result in a decreased use of paper and in bringing most of the school office work in an e-format.” (Rotella, Carlo) Some say, there are no technology shortcuts to good education. For primary and secondary schools that are underperforming or limited in resources, efforts to improve education should focus almost exclusively on better teachers and stronger administrations. Information technology, if used at all, should be targeted for certain, specific uses or limited to well-funded schools whose...
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