Technology Is Blessing or Curse

Topics: Google Earth, Robot, Technology Pages: 4 (1479 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Technology has brought tremendous change in our lives. Scientists are continuously working to develop new technologies to provide more useful products in order to make our lives easier. We get up from the bed hearing the sweet fm alarm, brush our teeth with electric brush. In the mean time the oven heats up our breakfast. We eat food, check the weather in phone, and watch the daily news to know the most recent news. Then we take our laptop and head to our workplace by car. That is how we usually start our day. Thus we can realize how much we are dependent on technologies. Even though some people say that technology has lessened the quality of our lives, however, according to all the points of facts it made the world a better place to live. It provides us everything that we need in all aspects of our lives. Cell-phones are one of the surprising gift of technology that able to perform a lot of works at once. Now a days, phone is not just a phone, but it is like our private secretary that keeps track of everything and provides us necessary information. For instance few weeks earlier I lost my way in the city. So I called my cousin for help. His quick suggestion was to turn on the GPS of my phone. I turned it on and realize for first time i was carrying a map with me the whole time. Why do I need a map while I have the whole city in my hand? I am talking about my phone that I got recently. I am getting amazed every single day since I have been using it. It talks to me, it helps me talk. It helps me connect with the whole world, share my ideas, search information for me, take pictures, save my memories and a lot of other things. And I am just talking about a simple phone, which is only a very small part of technology. Cell-phones are not the only technology we use in our everyday lives. We use many different technologies which make our life easier. Communication is much easier and faster now. It was a very lengthy process in the past. People had to write letters...
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