Technology is a major problem in society

Topics: Technology, Video game console, Machine Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: June 1, 2014
We are living in a generation full of technologies, We are living in a generation that we can’t complete our day without using technology, A generation of the beginning of the new world order, That have started to become a major problem in our society and effects the way we live.

On the one hand, It makes as unsociable in the real life; Since the beginning of technology, When Computers and video games consoles were invented people started to spent more time in their houses playing virtual games and virtual activities that has started to make them unsociable in the real life and isolated from the outside activities, And that creates new diseases and disorder such as laziness and a loss of personality. Second of all, People Started using technology to chat with their friends and beloved once instead of talking to them personally, and that has started to affect our way to communicate with each other’s. Furthermore, People has started to use technology for online shopping, Paying the bills, and its good it saves time and effort but there is disadvantages of it, people used to go shopping and meet new people why doing it and now the technology is taking over.

On the second hand, People started to lose their jobs to machines that will do the work for them; nowadays people have been replaced by machines to the job for example; the train ticket guy has been replaced for a machine to do the job, tell then unemployment rate has increased. Second of all, based on the American police department, machine robbery has been increased since 1990 till now, because it is easy to rob.

On the other hand, technology has made as over dependent on our gadgets; technology had made as over dependent on our gadgets that we cannot not to check on our smartphones every minute, we depend on it in everything for example; Navigation, Alarm, Calculator, Calendar. It is good to have this technologies but what if the battery died? Or the phone got stolen? People will get lost in their...
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