Technology Revolution

Topics: World Wide Web, Mobile phone, Technology Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: August 27, 2012
Technology Revolution

The use of technology is extremely important to all Americans and people of the world. Technology is used for all kinds of important things in the world like computers and cell phones to name a few. Technology has other benefits than computers and cell phones. Technology also creates jobs in all industries. The use of technology increases the number of jobs needed in order to have systems function properly. The use of technology can also create many problems. For example, some people fear that their privacy may be violated. Other problems could involve geography, the government, economics, history and culture. For example, geography can limit the use of certain technology such as cell phones because in some places people can use their cell phones and in other places, people might be in a “dead zone.” The government has had many roles in the Technology Revolution. The internet was created by the US Defense Department. The government has also passed laws that would prevent certain things that could happen in cyber space. The problem with some of the laws is that people don’t obey them. Because technology advances so quickly the government can’t update the laws fast enough to keep up with the changing technology. Economically, the advancement of technology was a great thing for the job market because when the World Wide Web (WWW) was created, the need for jobs increased dramatically. This was because the companies that created technology, needed people to operate and build the machines and to design the software that runs the machines. Historically, problems were created because of certain advancements regarding technology and the process of modernizing it. One problem regarding the Technology Revolution is that people misuse some internet services such as Craigslist. There was a story in the news a while back about a man that posted an ad on Craigslist that said that he was selling his two children. The man said that the...
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