Technology: Ruining Our Future Generations?

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Patricia Gilpin
Mrs. Rakauskas
ENC 1101-06B
3 May 2011
Technology: Ruining our Future Generations?
When the computer made its first appearance in America, it was about the size of a room and not many people had access or any knowledge on how it is used. Today, technology has advanced to the point that everything can be accessed by a cell phone the size of a deck of cards, or even smaller. Technology has become an amazing way to connect to information and people that would otherwise be unavailable, but has it taken over? If technology comes to an abrupt stop and crashes will the nation know what to do? Have they become too used to the aspect of having the world at such an easy grasp that they’ve forgotten how to live without it? Kids are inside delving into fantasy worlds by means of video games, and online networking cites such as Facebook instead of going outside and enjoying sports and adventuring with friends. Technology is allowing society to lose sight of reality, and although the means of receiving technology are now smaller than ever, technology itself has become a giant that needs to be stopped.

Technological advances are evident while looking around anywhere in the world today. Cars now have the ability to parallel park themselves, cell phones can pinpoint exact locations, robots are starting to be used to assist in surgeries, and more advances like this are made on a day to day basis. Technological advances make work easier and quicker for a lot of occupations, and it allows for endless possibilities in the medical and health care system. These advances have allowed humans to reach a height of intelligence that otherwise would’ve been impossible. It has allowed for discoveries, innovations, and changes that are positive. Those positive changes and innovations are going to continue to amaze the world, but with all these advances it’s hard to imagine a life without technology that, not too long ago, was a reality.

Technology rose to new...
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