Technology Solutions for Human Services Paper

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Technology Solutions for Human Services Paper

Technology Solutions for Human Services
With every occupation barriers are encountered and the human services occupations are no different. There are many different areas in the human services occupations such as funding, services, planning and empowerment where barriers can and are encountered. Where funding and services are in the forefront and often looked at when changes are made, empowerment is placed on a back burner and sometimes even forgotten completely. Empowerment is an important part of the human services profession and therefore the barriers that affect empowerment associated with human services need to be looked at and addressed. Barriers Associated with Empowerment

Within human services empowerment is a key aspect of helping individuals seeking help. Human services professionals work with individuals in need of help that the individual is unable to achieve on his or her own. Where human service professionals have an array of information and guidance available to him or her, clients that seek out assistance from human services professionals do not. This is where empowerment begins to take shape and where human services individuals start encountering barriers in the attempts of empowerment.

Barriers become present in many different shapes and forms when empowerment is concerned. One of the biggest barriers that a human service professional encounters in regards to empowerment is resistance. When human services professionals begin helping individuals the human service professional works on the individual’s self-esteem and empowers the individual to become independent. Many times this empowerment is met with resistance caused by the fear that an individual has with the change that will occur. This resistance can be a large barrier in the way of empowerment for the client and the human services professional.

Another barrier that can affect...

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