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Volkswagen at a Glance
The Volkswagen Group with its headquarters in Wolfsburg is one of the world‘s leading automobile manufacturers and the largest carmaker in Europe. Around the world, 502,000 employees produce about 34,500 vehicles each working day or are involved in vehicle related services. The Volkswagen Group sells its vehicles in 153 countries. In 2011, the Group increased the number of vehicles delivered to customers to 8.3 million (2010: 7.2 million), corresponding to a share of 12.3 percent of the world passenger car market.

Volkswagen brands and products
Volkswagen is the most successful multibrand group in the automotive industry. The Group consists of ten brands from seven European countries: Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Audi, ŠKODA, SEAT, Bentley, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Scania, MAN Bugatti and Lamborghini. Each brand has its own character and operates as an independent entity in the market to better satisfy the specific needs of the different segments and countries.

Product assessment
With one of the broadest product and segment coverage, Volkswagen is well positioned to capture profitable growth. The product range extends from low consumption small cars to luxury class vehicles. In the commercial vehicle sector, the product offering spans pickups, busses and heavy trucks. This huge portfolio enables us to reach all major target customer groups.

‘Innovative’, ‘providing enduring value’ and ‘responsible’ are the three key messages of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand combined in the slogan “Das Auto.” The core brand of the Volkswagen Group which became globally popular with the Beetle conveys quality, reliability and German engineering skills worldwide. In 2011, the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand once again presented a range of innovative and enhanced vehicles. The focus of attention was the up!. Other highlights were the new Beetle and the Golf Cabriolet. At the new factory in Chattanooga in the USA, 2011 saw the start of production of a version of the Passat designed specially for the American market.

Overview – World Car Markets and Volkswagen Group Deliveries to Customers

With its ten brands, the Volkswagen Group has a presence in all important automotive markets around the world. It is the goal of the Group to offer attractive, safe and environmentally sound vehicles which are competitive and which set world standards in their respective classes. Currently, the key markets include Western Europe, China, Brazil, the US, Russia and Mexico. Volkswagen was able to further extend its good competitive position in spite of the challenges of the automotive year 2011 and significantly increased the Group’s market share in important key markets. The biggest growth potential for the Volkswagen Group is expected in the markets of China, Brazil, India, Russia, the US and the ASEAN region.

(Source: HIS Global insight, Volkswagen factbook 2012)

(Source: HIS Global insight, Volkswagen factbook 2012)
The “Beetlemania” that VW enjoyed in America in the 1960s, when it’s Beetle was the pioneer of smaller, cheaper cars, faded in the 1970s. Decades of weak sales and losses ensued. VW closed its Pennsylvania factory in 1988 because the cars it made were lousy. It tried importing from Mexico but couldn't make this pay. Now, with a big new plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a revamped dealer network and the successful launch of the new Jetta, a family saloon, VW is back on a roll in America. Its sales there rose by 23% last year to 444,000, and its aim of selling 1m cars by 2018 looks achievable.  Volkswagen reports a 34.4% sales increase in September 2012

(Best September since 1972 with 36,663 units sold and a 37.2 percent increase year-to-date ) * 25 consecutive months of year-on-year growth
* Best September ever for Passat and Tiguan with 9,500 and 2,202 units sold, respectively * Best September for Beetle since 2003
* Best September for Golf since 2007
* Jetta Sedan...
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