Textile Industry

Topics: Monetary policy, Inflation, Central bank Pages: 4 (944 words) Published: July 19, 2013
MSc. Accounting and Finance
Discuss the essence, development and the role of the following financial institutions, markets or instruments at the international and local context. Your discussion need to be supported by relevant references from at least 10 articles, reading material and/or books. 1. Equity markets

2. Financial intermediaries
3. Central banks
4. Non depository financial institutions
5. Commercial banks
6. Investment banks
7. Cash and cash equivalents
8. Mortgage institutions and markets
9. Insurance companies
10. Pension funds
11. Unit trust funds
12. Venture capital Funds
13. Microfinance institutions
14. Dar es Salaam stock exchange
15. Capital Markets and Security Authority of Tanzania
16. Capital markets
17. Treasury Bills market
18. Government Bond market
19. Commercial paper market
20. Corporate bond market
21. Mutual funds
22. Stock options markets
23. Financial Swaps markets
24. Financial Future markets
25. International bonds markets
26. Interests rates futures contracts markets
27. Instruments for hedging foreign exchange risks
28. Forward contract
29. Stock markets dealers and brokers
30. New issue markets
31. Agricultural banks
32. Financial derivatives
33. Credit rating
34. Credits cards
35. Valuation of money markets securities
36. Valuation of bonds
37. Asset management firms
38. Merchant banks
39. Savings and Cooperative societies

40. Discuss the significance of credit rating agencies/ institutions and show the instruments rated and the procedures involved 41. Discuss the extent to which fundamental analysis facilitates the identification of corporate shares into growing, stagnating and declining companies or industries. 42. Show how...
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