The Benefits of a Socratic Lifestyle

Topics: Socratic method, Socrates, Question Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: June 17, 2012
It is in my opinion that modern man can absolutely benefit from leading if not a complete Socratic lifestyle, then a moderate one. Often I observe how fast paced society is and wonder if anyone takes the time to think of their words and actions based on logic and actual meaning instead of impulse or emotion. We’re instantly available to contact from others, but it is not face to face contact. It’s said that the average number of text messages a person receives a day is 110, to which a response is expected, if not required, in a short period of time and in a very cold form of communication. How many of those text messages are meaningful, and how many are just empty, autopilot responses? Taking time at all to think before acting or speaking should be encouraged. In this respect, maintaining any philosophical lifestyle, not just Socratic, seems like something one should consider. I find this to especially be the case with my generation and younger. There is obvious benefit in thinking deeply and thoroughly about ‘universal concerns’ as opposed to constantly worrying over insignificant daily details. Concepts like love, morality and freedom are important and often overlooked at this point in time. There is so much media and stimuli immediately available, so many distractions to make opinions for us. Celebrities seem like new Gods who are idolized and emulated without a second thought. It can be very easy to forget that we should make up our own minds in everything, as well as about such lofty topics. In considering bigger pictures for yourself and not through a media filter, I feel that you gain perspective. With perspective, hopefully there is some sort of enlightenment . In following a Socratic lifestyle, maybe the contemporary person would find more satisfaction and fulfilment in interactions with others. Certainly, a greater consideration (and appreciation) of what is good and beautiful in others would promote harmony not just in interpersonal relationships, but...
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