The Disappearance of Anasazi Indians

Topics: Ancient Pueblo Peoples, Puebloan peoples, Water resources Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: April 1, 2013
The reading states that war is the major reason for the disappearance of Anasazi Indians, also known as Pueblo Indians, who had their seven hundred years of golden age period ended in 1150. The lecture, however, disagrees and claims their vanish to the lack of water source. The first point thes reading mentions is that the Anasazi’s settlements were invaded and defeated by warring tribes. This result in the fact that many of their ritual’s sites were burned. On the contrary, the professor asserts that burning was the part of their ceremony in order to find new water sources. He then says that as water is so important to the Anasazi’tribes, they had to organize many ritual ceremony to pray the God for water. The next point brought up is that due to sudden attack of the enemies, those Anasazian had no time to collect their valuable belongings, and had to leave those items behind. However, the professor have the different way to reason out. He believe that on the way finding new water sources, those heavy belongings were suddenly no longer needed, and they decided to get rid of them. Finally, in contrast to the reading’s argument that the rare abundant sources of water the Anasazian occupied is a temptation for other tribes to conquer this land, mainly attributing to their disappearance, the professor did not have the same opinion. He blamed the ten-time-increase of the population size- leading to the serious lack of water for the death toll of in the tribes of Anasazi. All in all, while the reading brings up envidences that war put an end to the ages of Anasazi, the professor provides shift the responsibilities to the lack of water source.
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