The Effect of Modern Lifestyle (Technology) on Student Productivity

Topics: Student, University, Technology Pages: 12 (4003 words) Published: November 23, 2012
1.1 Background of study
Over the past few decades, technology has been drastically changing the way our society functions. The current generation is becoming completely dependent on new technologies. According to “Peter H. Martorella – 1997” Technology has opened the world of communication in a way before inexperienced. It also allows for more tasks to be completed in less time. In essence, technology has made the world smaller. The danger is when we get so reliant on technology that we cease to do things ourselves, limiting our activity and interaction with the world around us. With advancement within culture and society, there are positive and negative influences. Many studies and articles had been conducted and printed upon the effect of technologies upon the modern society. As for example an article had been released by Aydan Corken on May 2009 on The Negative Effects of Advancing Technology on Society. In this particular article it stated the negative effects of the advancing technology. Among the effects of that is stated in this useful article are laziness, decreasing of the communication skills, false information and so much more. Does this also affect the students’ productivity? This had intrigued us on doing a research the negative effect of technology upon the students. William F. Massy and Robert Zemsky who writing article about Using Information Technology to Enhance Academic Productivity says that IT eases the limits of time and space for education activities and IT will bring the best lecturers to students via multimedia anytime and anywhere so that, like the recordings of the country's most celebrated artists, those of the best will drive out those of the merely good. This sort of access is especially important for the increasing numbers of nontraditional students in higher education, who often have job or family responsibilities limiting their possible school hours. So with IT they says that it will make students life easier and efficient because it can cut cost and time consume rather than using traditional ways to study which is not efficient and time consuming. A research made by Leigh Linden (2006) who takes 2,156 students from 60 Gyan Shala schools in India as sample. The researches were made to test the effectiveness of Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) towards the students found that technology really helps those students to understand about their learning. 58.3 percent of children in fifth grade could read at the second grade level. Half of 9-10 years old school children could demonstrate basic numeric problem solving skills. This shows how technology can be implementing in students learning. If the technology is well used then the result will be astonishing. These Computer-assisted learning programs are generating excitement in India, where the high-tech industry is successful. Walter Johnson High School made a research that the internet is very beneficial for academic reasons. It provides many resources such as,,, and, which are advantageous and helpful for students. It really helps students in making their homework and assignment given by their teacher. Teachers also feel satisfied about the quality of work done by the student. With technology, learning enterprise much more outcome-oriented, a change that has important implications for learning productivity. In fact, the areas that have made the most inroads with IT are subjects like foreign languages, math, and writing, whose outcomes can be most easily delineated. Continuous assessment provides the data needed to map the relation between cost and benefit, thus opening the way for experimentation and innovation. In other words technology will empower students to have greater control over the learning process, with all the benefits associated with active learning and personal responsibility. Not...
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